Saturday, March 31, 2012

Episode 16 - Ditmas Middle School

EPISODE: Project Based Financial Literacy Learning – Ditmas Middle School’s Fin Lit Resource Review Podcast
With every experience I grow and learn for the next. I have passed on knowledge to others as my teachers have done for me hoping for a better world and society, this time we used a podcast.
Vlad D. (Student Podcaster at Ditmas Middle School)     

This one is a follow up to a previous episode, in which Mark visited Ditmas Middle School in Brooklyn to engage Student Journalists in an in-depth conversation about Financial Literacy. In this episode, school curriculum expert, Dr. Rose Reissman discusses a special Financial Literacy learning project she and the students collaborated on. Dr. Reissman describes how a group of students conducted a review of online instructional resources and prepared and presented their findings in the format of a school podcast project.
A special Thank You to Dr. Reissman for all her work in developing and sharing this unique and powerful model of Financial Literacy Instruction.

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