Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Host/Correspondent's Bio – Mark Gura

Mark Gura has been an educator for over 3 decades. The former Director of Instructional Technology of the New York City Department of Education, he began his career as a teacher, spending 18 years in elementary and middle school classrooms in Harlem. More recently, he has taught graduate education courses at Fordham and Touro universities. Mr. Gura was a staff and curriculum developer for NYC’s central Division of Curriculum and Instruction before being recruited to develop and administer the first city-wide instructional technology program. He has written extensively on education for The NY Daily News, Converge and a variety of other education magazines, and has written and published 9 books on education. He is the co-producer/co-host of the popular The Teachers Podcast and Talking Financial Literacy Podcast. Mark lives and works in both the New York City area and Jupiter, Florida.

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